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How To English: 31 Days to be an independent learner

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(as of Sep 17,2020 07:56:46 UTC - Details)

Teachers are obsessed with telling you what to learn. The problem is, nobody teaches you how to learn.

This is all about to change.

In his new book, How To English, Adam David Broughton shares a revolutionary and powerful system that teaches you exactly how to make incredible progress in all aspects of English.

In How To English, you will learn 62 practical techniques to become an independent learner in 31 days, and everything you will ever need to get the level you’ve always wanted in English and enjoy the process.

  • How to master English fluency
  • How to listen perfectly in English
  • How to stop making mistakes in English
  • How to improve your pronunciation
  • How to expand your vocabulary in English
  • How to have perfect English grammar
  • How to stay motivated, be disciplined and create a habit

...and 55 other amazing techniques.

Everyone knows that it’s not what you do in class that determines your progress in English, it’s what you do when you are not in class. However, English learners often don’t know what to do. As a result, at some point, every English learner stops making progress. Then they get frustrated.

How To English is the antidote to this frustration.

When you learn how to learn English, you never need to worry about what you learn in English.

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